Car rental with driver

Through our partners you can easily move from Taormina to the Sicilian destinations you want to explore. I could make use of our partners for transfers to the airport or in the areas of Magna Graecia for cultured and refined tourism

Car rental with driver

From Leonida House to the Sicilian towns that will let you know a Sicily different from how it is represented in the tourist brochures

The advantages of this service

A car with driver (also known as NCC) offers many advantages compared to using a private car or public transport. Here are some of the main benefits:

  1. Comfort: With a car with driver, you travel in a comfortable and luxurious car, without worrying about traffic, driving safety or finding a parking space.

  2. Convenience: You don't need to worry about driving or arranging transport as a professional driver will take care of everything. This is especially useful for travel when you don't know the area

  3. Time: A chauffeured car saves you valuable time, as the driver knows the fastest routes and can avoid delays due to traffic or roadblock

  4. Safety: A professional driver is trained in safe driving and knows the rules of the road, which means your journey is safer than driving yourself.

In summary, a car with driver offers comfort, convenience, time saving and safety, making this service an ideal option for those who come on vacation and want to fully enjoy every minute of their stay in Sicily.

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